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Dealerships leave the majority of their inventory out in parking lots,
leaving million dollar inventories exposed to theft and harmful weather for hours at a time.
Protect yourself in real-time from theft and vandalism and track potential customers that come onto your lot while your closed.







The food industry is unique in its own way and with this comes some particular challenges. Surveillance systems have always been known for the security aspect but they are also a powerful tool in managing employees. Receive alerts in real-time for any POS events or operational issues.






Self-storage security is vital for providing the customer with trust and peace of mind when storing their valuables. Allowing 24 hour access to the customers posessions is a popular feature. Allow us to protect and control access to your property and prevent any possible theft at the same time.






Using a traditional guard service has been the only way to provide 'superior' security, short of having a police officer on staff. RemoteGuard service allows us to protect your property from a central location with professional staff that can analyze and take action to keep life and property safe.








Storing your video offsite has several advantages over simply storing to a local server. With the virtually unlimited amount of server storage space available, 100% uptime and the ability to keep video data in a UL listed highly secured facility, hosted storage is an excellent solution for your video.







Although viewing your surveillance video from a remote location is nothing new, our secure portal takes this a step further. Our portal allows you to manage multiple sitelocations, different surveillance hardware and multiple users all from a single, simple, easy -to-use interface.






Employee screening is the first step in keeping your business safe from potential internal theft. We offer this service as a safe starting point to protect you and your business from any potential 'bad apples'. Our screening services also include checking past driving records.




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With a full suite of services that help protect and help protect your bottom line. Everything from two-way communication to deter trespassers, cooler temperature monitoring, door and gate centralized control, realtime analyzing of POS events, surveillance system health monitoring to business security auditing.




Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to protect life and property. Serving system integrators, businesses and the end-user.

  • Remote Safety Escort Service
  • Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
  • E-Care for Camera and System Health
  • Back Door Event Notifications
  • Access Control Monitoring
  • Business Security Audits
  • System and Log Reports
  • Drive-thru timer Monitoring



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customer reviews

With the Virtual Guard service that ESI offers, it allows me to save thousands of dollars every month!

Pete Maltese - CGB Marine Services

I now get notifications of trespassers on my car lot. ESI identifies them and prevents vandalism and theft before it becomes a problem.

Bill Cutforth - The Volvo "V" Shop