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To provide next-gen life safety and property protection while saving you money and delivering peace of mind.


We understand the importance of your business, property and employees. As surveillance technology continues to push the boundaries we are there to help customers manage and get the most out of their investment. Using surveillance video after an event has occured is a limited proposition. We take surveillance and analytics a huge step forward with real-time event notification and dispatch control.

Our service is based on customer relationships and we understand the need and the impact of what we provide.


We are not a company that beleives that customers can be locked into a one-size fits all scenario, understanding and having the flexibility to offer one or a variety of services to best suit the customer is what we aim for. In the end it really is all about the customer. Our customers see an immediate positive impact from the services we provide!




 The potential for long-term cost savings to the customer is priority and it shows in every way that we operate.


Whether you are protecting a property full of highly valuable equipment or simply are trying to maximize the potential of your current surveillance needs, we are here on guard 24/7 - 365 days a year. Understanding that not every customer is the same and the goals of that customer have to be clearly identified in both long and short term shows that we have the commitment to provide only what is really needed and what has the most potential to help. Knowing that you can rely on us to protect your investment all while saving you money will help you focus on what is really important, your business. We are here to help in any way we can and providing services that can save you money by providing a service that gives you less overhead and in the end, better protection. These savings can be seen both immediately and long-term by preventing asset loss or business damaging lawsuits. Whatever your needs are we are here, and we are in it to help you.



Brandon Scott


With business success early in his life, attention to detail, customer focused business model and high interest in the technical surveillance industry, Brandon has the ability to manage and create positive customer & employee relationships that create success for both the business he manages and the customer he works for.


Jason Clifton


With his hands on technical ability, out-of-the-box solutions, and with experience in both surveillance installations and also with the alarm center industry, Jason continually proves himself as an industry expert and provides superior consultation advice to maximize solution effectiveness.



David Bailey


With years of technical customer support and with multiple awards and certifications in the surveillance industry David has proven to be an essential part of any technical implementation or system design.

Specialized in the


We focus on one industry and strive to be the best. With this focus, the customer always wins.

Our team has been in the surveillance industry for over a decade and has moved along with the progress. With these changes we have seen a huge increase in potential for technology to help us protect and manage both business and personal property. Some of the major changes include:

Unfortunately, with this tremendous progress comes the challenge for companies and individuals to manage this technology and gain the full potential out of there investment. Having been in this industry for so long we have the ability to understand and advise customers on "max-benefit" solutions that will make the customer happy and increase overall awareness of what is going on at their business.