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food service video monitoring

quick service and restaurant chains present unique challenges that go beyond security.

Quick service is a perfect model for surveillance cameras and for remote monitoring services. Within the quick service restaurant industry there is a need for employee and customer management as well. Camera systems have now enabled the ability can be viewed remotely at anytime to make sure that employees are on time and are doing there job properly, these features can put a franchise owner at ease as he isn't required to be at the location to know what is going on there. With remote video monitoring service we take this a step forward by analyzing and monitoring in real time surveillance video and any integration such as any Point of Sale anomolies, drive thru time issues, process management issues with employees such as back door being open out-of-schedule or being left open , even serious events that require authorities to be dispatched all handled by professionals in real time-from our central station.

One of the biggest concerns when looking for employee's that would be handling money is trust. Along with our video monitoring solutions we also offer pre/post-employment background checks free of charge. Your security and peace of mind starts from the ground up and we want to make sure your protected on every level. Our Event based monitoring solutions will help protect you from unusual POS anomolies such as high amounts of VOID's, refunds, manager overides, no-sales, ect. These events are looked at in real-time and you will be notified immediately when an event happens with a report that is generated by us and sent to you for validation.

Example 1 - POS Anomolies and Event Notification


In the above scenario we monitor a high end liquor store in the Florida panhandle where the employee and the customer knew each other outside the store. The employee owed the customer money and the customer asked if the employee would pay for the item as repayment to him. Reluctantly, she agreed and had the priveleges to VOID transactions on the POS systems. She voided the item and collected money from the customer for the bottle opener and handed back the change accordingly. The customer walked out with the bottle opener in his pocket and the flask in his hand. Since the transaction had a VOID flag the event went straight to our central station for review and upon review, one of our specialists noted the item leaving the store without being payed for and began putting together a loss report. The store owner was immediately notified through his smartphone app and was able to review that section of the video clip, he also received a copy of the report in his email. The store owner called and confronted the employee about what she had done and then took the appropriate action.


Example 2 - Back Door and Event Notification


With the event driven monitoring that is included with our package for the restaurant service industry we are able to keep an eye on important safety practices as backdoor openings. We immediately get an alert anytime the backdoor is opened and quickly review the video to make sure there is no suspicious activity occuring. If the door is left open for an excessive amount of time we will then contact the store and/or manager to notify and have the appropriate action taken. In the example to the right we show a burglary attempt suspect that is trying to escape out of the backdoor of a quick service restaurant. His activities were suspicious and the authorities were notified immediately. He was later caught, further down the road trying to flee on foot.


Example 3 - Cooler Temperature and Event Notification


As with any restaurant proper working order of certain equipment is vital for operating. Monitoring this equipment gives you an advantage to react to fix or mitigate an issue before there is loss and its sometimes as simple as making sure the door gets closed properly. Monitoring cooler temperatures and keeping proper logs of these temperatures helps to prevent food spoilage and any type of legal fine or other claim that food isnt being kept properly. Get an instant notification anytime coolers or freezers are over temperature both on your smart device and your email to make sure you have time to react when neccessary.


Pre- & Post-employment Background Checking

Get full access to run background checks on potential new employees as well as employees that are currently hired. Unfortunately a large majority of illegal acts are performed by the employee. Protect yourself from hiring a bad apple and keep the loyal staff that you currently employ honest. Background checks enable you to protect your business from the ground up. This service is included with our Food Service Monitoring package as a per background service or an unlimited background check service.


Other benefits and features Include:


- Customizable web-portal for centralized access to video and events, branded with your company profile.

- Specialized smart device app to receive instant notifications and instant review of notifications as well as live video.

- Full report capability that is packaged and sent to authorities and insurance companies when neccessary.

- Email notifications for any event that occurs on your property.

- E-Care service makes sure your surveillance system is up and running properly at all times.

- Pre and post-employement background checks to help in protecting your business.

- Access to 24 hour customer support via telephone or email.


All packaged in a low cost monthly subscription that can easily save you money in the long run!


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