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Car dealerships are the perfect environment for video surveillance, both because of the value of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft. Automobiles, depending on make, model, year and features, can vary in price from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. Dealerships also leave a large majority of their inventory out in parking lots – Leaving million dollar inventories exposed to theft and harmful weather for hours at a time.

Traditional alarm monitoring or intrustion detection systems don't work simply because you are unable to identify potential customers just browsing the lot from actual threats looking to vandalize or steal expensive inventory.

Go from Threat Detected to Person Identified to Police Dispatched all in real time!






Acting in real time dramatically increases the chances of suspects being caught and prevents repeat burglaries and vandalism to your business. With our proprietary software we are able to receive alerts and review video footage directly through the dispatchers machine. We are also able to do 2-way communication with the site to let the suspect know that we are observing his actions and any negative action will result in the dispatch of police thus preventing a crime in the first place.


Another great benefit of using a monitored service for your car lot is for customer tracking. With the ability to track humans and ability for 2-way communication you can opt for a pre-recorded audio clip to be played for customers who arrive onsite after hours and arent able to be greeted by a salesperson. This audio communication allows information to be exchanged to receive customer contact information or let the customer know about sales specials you currently have running.


ESI Monitoring also provides a full suite of reporting tools to keep you aware of what is going on at your lot. Tracking statistics include but are not limited to; number of persons on the lot between certain times, number of critical alerts, percentage of camera or recording server downtime. These tools enable customers and ESI alike to make sure you are getting the most out of your system and allows for greater surveillance system uptime.


There are many benefits of going with ESI's remote video surveillance services and we do this without the requirment of long term contracts. We can do month by month or an annual contract just depending on what your needs are. We want your life and property protected all while giving you 100% customer satisfaction. We also provide a smartphone app and a login to the portal to view any events that have occured immediately. Getting signed up is easy as well, simply tell us what type of system you have and how many cameras you have onsite and we will get back to you with a proposed package that we think will suite your needs the best. Customer peace of mind is our ultimate goal as you will never have to wonder whether your inventory is safe or not.

Protection for small car dealerships, large dealerships and everything in between!


Other benefits and features Include:


- Customizable web-portal for centralized access to video and events, branded with your company profile.

- Two-way audio to deter trespassers and identified threats, also allowing assistance to potential customers browsing the lot.

- Specialized smart device app to receive instant notifications and instant review of notifications as well as live video.

- Full report capability that is packaged and sent to authorities and insurance companies if neccessary.

- Email notifications for any event that occurs on your property.

- E-Care service makes sure your surveillance system is up and running properly at all times.

- Access to 24 hour customer support via telephone or email.


Whether you are a large multiple car manufacturer dealer or even if you have a small independent lot don't hesitate to take advantage of this great tool that will help protect your property and your employees. Our services are directly tailored to the car dealership and we provide the needs that are specific to the car dealership industry. With all of the advantages of using our car dealership package it is easy to see why we have become the leader in car dealership monitoring. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo of the portal and how we operate, please dont hesistate to contact us!


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