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Why choose

esi monitoring

Our services have both an immediate and long-term postive impact on your business.

From cost savings to superior protection and even redundency, we are here when you need us the most. Not only do we provide real-time services but we excel when it comes to on-demand access to your video footage evidence. We make it easy for you to protect your business or property and it becomes even easier when you want to manage security on several properties and even with several different users.

One of the biggest things that new customers enjoy the most is the centralized web portal for watching and playing back video. The portal allows superior management of systems that are spread over several locations that may or may not have several users. Being able to manage this video through a centralized location immediately cuts down on support cost for managers and employees to watch their location. Any support question that may arise here is managed by our central monitoring station of which is available 24 hours a day. Of course over time customers begin to really enjoy the benefit of costs savings and not having to rely on guard services whether managed in house or through a 3rd party. Customers can rest easy knowing that their property is being protected in real-time and can voice-down any potential intruder looking to steal or vandalize. General benefits include:


use your existing


Don't change out all of your equipment just to be compatible with your monitoring service.

Having to purchase new equipment just to be compatible with a monitoring service is ridiculous and expensive. We stand above the rest by providing video services that are compatible with over 80 manufacturers and the list is growing! If you currently have surveillance equipment and it is working properly, we can maximize the benefit of having that surveillance system enormously. Don't get tied into a system that you aren't comfortable with and that costs you thousands to implement.

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One or a conjuction of several services may suit your companies needs the best.

Our pricing is based specifically on the needs of the customer. We pride our-selves in only offering services that are completely beneficial to the customer. You can expect the very best in support, customer service and service performance.

We are happy to talk and explain how our services can benefit you.

Understanding the pricing for the services we provide is important. We want you to fully understand what you can expect to receive by going with ESI Monitoring.



video monitoring


No business is exactly the same, we customize our solution to fit your business needs.

Flexible video monitoring services to protect the customer is what we are here for. Whether you need us to monitor all of your cameras on a 24 hour basis or simply do a video escort to make sure your employee makes it home safely we have a solution that will work.